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  1. Our pious and holy Father Mor Yacoub Burd'ono, the supporter of the Orthodox faith.
  2. An Apostolic Wrestler Combatant, and elect amongst the hermits.
  3. Born in the year 500 at Tel Mawzalth in Mezopotamia
  4. His Father's name is Fr. Theophilus Bar Ma'ano
  5. Joined the clergy as monk at Pseelto at a young age
  6. Mastered the Syriac and Greek Languages, and studied several of Theology and Holy Books
  7. Was known of his righteousness, virtuousness and hermitage.
  8. Installed Universal Archbishop on Edessa, Great Syria and Asia by the hands of Mor Theodosyous Patriarch of Alexandria and other Bishops.
  9. The famous Syrian Historian Mor Gregorious Youhanon Bar Hebrew talks about this great saint saying: He achieved great successes in every place he went to, either as a visitor or a supporter to any group. He was a continent, ascetic, poor, hard worker even to the stage of suffering pain. He was strong valiant and he was as swift of foot like Ashael {2 Samuel 02:18}. Thus, he toured the East granting the Priesthood to the Orthodox, and in several instances he used to wear old rugged clothes in order to escape the persecutors at the time.
  10. Ordained two Patriarchs, one Mapheryono, twenty Bishops, and one hundred and two thousand priests.
  11. Served the church relentlessly for 35 years.
  12. Departed this earthly life to the heavenly chambers on 30th July of the year 578, thus the Church commemorates this great saint on 30th of July each year.
  13. Wrote a Liturgy Book for the Holy Mass, and wrote several valuable letters that he sent to several of the priests and bishops of the Church.


May God the Almighty benefit us with Mor Yacoub prayers.


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