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 Extracts from H.H.'s Biography

*       Was born in Bartley - Iraq on 12OCT1912, and was christened in the name Shaba.

*       At the School in Bartley he studied, Catachesim, Syriac Arabic and English languages.

*       In the year 1923 he joined St. Matai (Matthew) Seminary, St. Matai (Matthew) Monastery.

*       In the year 1924 he was ordained by Bishop John (Youhanna) Abaji as Reader.

*       On 06AUG1929 was ordained by H.H. Elias the Third as a Sub-Deacon or Aphodyacon (Syriac pronunciation).

*       In the year 1931 he joined the Syrian Orphanage and was appointed there as the Syriac and Catachesim teacher. During his stay in Lebanon he mastered the English, and studied the French languages.

*       On 20JUL1933 was ordained by H.H. Moran Mor Ighnatius Ephrem as a monk in Homs - Syria. He then was sent to Malabar (India) accompanied by H.E. Elias Koro the Apostolic Delegate to India.

*       On 19JAN1934 he was ordained as a Deacon by the Apostolic Delegate. And on 11MAR of the same year was promoted to the rank of Priest, and was appointed the Principal to Mor Ighnatius Theological School in addition to being the Secretary of the Apostolic Delegate. He undertook during the period of his stay in India some missionary work. He mastered MYLYALEM (one of the languages spoken in India by Our Syrian Orthodox Community), and was able to write several books in this language.

*       In the year 1946 was appointed by H.H. Moran Mor Ighnatius Ephrem the First as teacher and theological guide to the Seminary in Mosul, where he spent a year in the same seminary doing this job.

*       On 13DEC1947 was appointed as a member at the Church Court in Mosul - Iraq.

*       In Summer 1950 he was appointed as a Vicar for Beirut and Damascus Parish. On 17DEC of the same year was ordained as a Archbishop by H.H. Moran Mor Ighnatius Ephrem the First for the same parish with the name Mor Severius Yacoub, after the Syrian Orthodox Church Scholar Mor Severius Yacoub Al-Bartloyo (1241 +)

*       In the year 1956 he joined his brethren in ordaining the Celecia Catholichos for Armenian Church in Antelyas - Lebanon, as delegated by H.H. Patriarch Ephrem the First.

*       In the years 1956-1957 established Mor Severius Secondary School in Beirut - Lebanon.

*       On 23JUN1957 H.H. Patriarch Ephrem the First departed this world to the eternal life. On 27th October of the same year, Archbishop Severius Yacoub was elected as the next Antioch Patriarch, in the name Moran Mor Ighnatius Yacoub the Third.

*       As a Patriarch he visited all the Middle Eastern countries, Turkey, North and South America, and Europe.

*       He was able to include the Syrian Orthodox Church as a member in the World Council of Churches.

*       He visited Vatican, and met the Pope of Rome Paul the Sixth, and they both submitted a joint statement on the relationship between the two churches.

*       Worked hard to refresh the relationships between the churches of Antioch and Alexandria.

*       Recorded the Church Hymns (BEITH GAZO).

*       Transferred the Patriarchal SEE from Homs to Damascus.

*       Built several buildings for the church in different countries. Established three theological and social organizations in Atshaneh - Lebanon.

*       On 25JUN1980 he departed this world to the eternal life, and his body was buried in St. George's yard, Damascus.

*       The church inherited several of his writings, either in the form of books, scrolls, either printed or handwritten. He also translated and published books in the Syrian heritage.

Source: The Light, Volume 1.33, 23 June 1996
Produced by St.Ephaim's Syrian Orthodox Church; Perth - Western Australia


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